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People are visual learners. We remember much more of what we see than of what we hear. Help your students learn what fractions are, how we use them, and how they compare and interact with hands on tools. Progressive Ruling teaches by allowing students to see the fractions, draw the fractions, and really feel what fractions are. Visit our sample page to see easy our system is. Adults become more confident about fractions when they use Progressive Ruling methods.

Progressive Ruling 

Progressive Ruling is a set of rulers marked in different increments to be used to concretely, visually, and tactilely teach and reinforce fraction concepts and computation. Learners measure lines and spaces to understand the concepts and procedures. By visualizing concrete examples of fraction computation, learners understand the methods and why they work. All activities and examples use the common fractions--halves, fourths, eighths, and sixteenths. By working with these fractions repetitiously, learners become comfortable with the methods as they see the fractions and mixed numbers visually. This feeling of success, understanding, and repetition helps learners remember how to solve fraction problems. Learners can then extend what they have learned with these fractions to other sets of fractions such as thirds, sixths, twelfths or to using fractions whose denominators are not in the same table. By learning one set of fractions first, then applying those processes to another set, and then mixing the sets, learners will follow the building-block linking that is the foundation of retention.


Teachers know fractions are not being presented or taught in the correct manner today. How? The majority of learners say they do not know how to do fractions, and they do not like fractions. So teachers are teaching, but very few learners are learning! Isn't there something wrong with this picture? Try Progressive Ruling, and find out if there is a better way to teach fraction concepts and fraction calculations.

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